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    The majority of pupils at Jigsaw are included in their 'home' school data, which can be found on their school website.


At Jigsaw PRU, we follow the Read, Write, Inc (RWI) phonics programme which is overseen by our Phonics Leader - Mrs Court.

What is Read, Write, Inc?

Read Write Inc (RWI) is a phonics complete literacy programme which helps children learn to read fluently and at speed so they can focus on developing their skills in comprehension, vocabulary and spelling. The programme is designed for children aged 4-7. However, at Jigsaw we continue teaching RWI to children beyond the age of 7 if they still need support with their early reading skills. In UKS2 we use the RWI intervention Fresh Start.

RWI was developed by Ruth Miskin and more information on this can be found at

Order of the Programme

The programme is ordered through a series of colour-coded books, each progressively introducing new letters and sounds. Children are assessed every six weeks to review whether they are ready to progress onto the next book colour.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms Erika Rothlisberger (Head teacher) or Mr C Mathews (Deputy), using the contact details set out on the home page, with regards to any other queries you may have regarding our curriculum and provision map.

Curriculum Statement