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We are a Flagship School!

Flagship Status

We are delighted to announce that we have received Jigsaw Flagship Status. We have been recognised for successfully implementing and teaching the Jigsaw PSHE programme of work. The Jigsaw programme is underpinned by the mindfulness approach.  We have seen first-hand just what an impact mindfulness has had on the children’s Mental Health, equipping them with the skills to use the strategies taught, in order to calm their minds and relax their bodies, focusing on that present moment.  This allows them to be ready and focused for learning. As a school we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of developing emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development in every child. Through the adoption of Jigsaw PSHE as a whole school approach we are able to connect the pieces of personal, social and health education in line with our school values and ethos. As a flagship school we are now a hub for providing CPD and sharing expertise with other schools locally as well as receiving further training and resources to enhance our Wellbeing curriculum.