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We would like to welcome you to our website, we hope it gives you a flavour of our school and answers any questions you may have. If you have any further questions please use the contact information to get in touch.


Jigsaw is a Pupil Referral Unit for primary aged children. Pupils attending Jigsaw will have a social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulty which is becoming a barrier to their learning.

Jigsaw aims to provide support for pupils to help them develop skills and strategies to make progress in mainstream education.  Whilst addressing Social, emotional and mental health needs, Jigsaw provides a broad and balanced curriculum to support pupils’ academic needs and progress.

Together with partners agencies, parents and the local authority, we aim to create learning environments that are innovative, motivational and impactful on children's lives. We will strive to do this by developing personalised plans that are relevant to each child, that inspire them to want to learn more and that encourage them to become lifelong learners.  Our aim is to inspire every young person to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary, both inside and outside the classroom environment, to fulfil their true potential. By developing self-esteem, confidence and resiliency we aim to prepare our pupils for life back in their identified educational setting.

Jigsaw provides a short term intervention, resulting in the pupil returning to mainstream education. Where this is not possible or appropriate, Jigsaw aims to support pupils whilst a suitable educational setting is identified.

Places at Jigsaw come through the Fair Access Panel ( or Monitoring and Placement in the case of permanent exclusion).  If your child’s school wishes to access a place at Jigsaw, they would complete the appropriate form and submit it to the Fair Access Panel, which meets fortnightly. The panel will review the application and the referring school will be contacted shortly afterwards.

Jigsaw is a single storey building with three classrooms, a teaching kitchen, a Hall an office area, and 2 enclosed playgrounds and a Key Stage 1 play area. Each classroom has access to a smaller kitchen area and has smaller ‘break away’ spaces for group/intervention work.